ABOUT US -An Excavator and Earth Moving Service

We are a local business with years of experience.  Our aim to provide a provide a cost effective and competitive service within the Logan region and surrounding area.

          We understand that requiring earthmovers or an excavator service isn’t an everyday thing (except if you’re us!) so we approach every job with absolute professionalism and reliability.  We also understand that your time is valuable and we always aim to provide a timely and efficient service.  If you have a large job with a number of contractors, we can organise the best time to suit the project and will co-ordinate with any foremen or site-managers as is required.

          No job is too small, so if you are thinking of adding that extra addition to your yard, give us a call.  Don’t break your back using a pick and a shovel, earthmoving machinery is the best and most efficient way to get the job done!

         Logan Excavator Services is a local Logan business with competitive rates and know-how of earthmoving and excavation services.  Each job is considered on its own merit and we aim to provide a valuable service to all our customers in the community.

          If you need an excavator or earthmovers please get in touch via our number (07 3184 4406) or online form for a competitive quote.

Got dirt?  We can move it!

Logan Excavation Services would love to hear from you.

Contact us now on (07) 3184 4406 or complete our online enquiry form.